Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Life Ramblings

Reading this morning in Proverbs 17:14... "The beginning of strife is like letting out water, So abandon the quarrel before it breaks out".. Hmmm The fine line between being passive and defensive.

I find it is so amazing to see God still at work in every one's life! Extraordinary events and yet so much strife, so much pain. New families beginning and families being torn apart at the seems.
In holding a sweet precious new born baby, I am reminded of how we are to be like little children. Lane is totally dependent upon his parents for everything. For nourishment, to be moved from place to place, for protection, and most importantly for LOVE.. Lane has no choice but to be "sold out" to his parents, just as we are to be sold out to Christ. Just holding him I have so much pride, pride for his parents, grand parents, and so much love.. With my limited mind, I can not even image the pride and love that the CREATOR of everything that we know has for us!

Examples from this weeks events alone:
We had an addition to the "family" Monday, (5.14.07) , 7lbs 2 oz 19.5", Mr. Lane Thomas Hyatt. What an honor and joy to have been included, during this time. To hold this newborn baby, to see the "glow" in the new grand parents eyes, in the new young parents eyes.
"Ms. K" test results came back positive!

We found out that "Ms. C" cancer has returned and doesn't look very good; "Uncle V" has gone into hospice care, "Ms. S" has a spot that must be removed this Monday. A close family to me being torn apart at the seems.. need prayer !!

I guess we could say as my brother Joel has said that "God is testing our faith".. I tend to agree, but it sure seems to make it hard staying focused on Christ! At the time we need, (to stay focused) most, our flesh tries to get in the way and we become selfish, and it becomes all about us. Every time we think we have it bad, someone always has it worst.

Could we compare our spiritual walk to valleys and peaks... the valleys are brief lulls between greatness.

Cedar Heights BMX ( this year is going GREAT.. Lots and lots of new young riders and families.. The fields are ready for harvest..
crankn' 4 Christ